I love lipstick books

Here’s my second lipstick book, all the way from Australia: “Pout Perfect: The Complete Guide to Building Your Lipstick Wardrobe,” by Yishan Chan, aka @BeautySwatch:

lipstick book

Pout Perfect book

It is so glossy and colorful… I cannot wait to really give it a good look through!

The other lipstick book I have is “Lips of Luxury,” by Jean-Marie Martin-Hattenberg, which I definitely recommend.

And I have “Lipstick: A Celebration of the World’s Favorite Cosmetic,” by Jessica Pallingston, on its way to me. It has lots of good reviews on Amazon, and I am totally looking forward.

I am going to need a whole bookshelf for all the lipstick books I want to collect (each one ever made).

More later; I have some drooling over glossy pages to do.

The Lipstick Lady

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