Lipstick Review – MAC “Archie’s Girls” Daddy’s Little Girl Veronica

MAC Archie’s Girls Daddy’s Little Girl Veronica Lipstick

This is an interesting color. It just falls short of being bright, but it teeters right on that edge. Kind of a rose-mauve shade. I have to be honest- -I’m not in love with how this color looks on me. It’s not bad, but not quite right. I think you really have to have the right complexion to pull this one off well, and I’m not quite sure what that complexion is.

The color definitely draws attention to the mouth; it’s a youthful, fun color for maybe a girls night out. And I do love the “Archie’s Girls” theme. MAC comes out with the cutest limited edition makeup products, and a lot of the time I want their lipsticks for the theme alone.

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Archie's Girls - Daddy's Little Girl

MAC Veronica Lipstick

lipstick review

MAC lipstick Daddy’s Little Girl swatch

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