Bath Bombs!

Not sure if you all have heard of “bath bombs.” I was a little late for the train, myself. Well, in case you aren’t hip to them yet, let me clue you in: bath bombs are the hottest new bath time thing!

Basically, they are pretty bath color, pretty bath fragrance, and skin softness all in one.

When you are filling the tub (or after you’ve filled the tub), drop one in. Gradually, the bath bomb effervesces into the water, causing the water to become a pretty color, like blue or pink or violet or green or orange. Additionally, the water becomes scented. If you are inside the tub as the bath bomb dissipates, a tingly sensation might ensue. Overall, it’s quite a fun experience.

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After soaking for a while, skin becomes really soft. Once you emerge from the tub, you will probably be like “wow” about how soft your skin has become. It will also smell very pretty.

I get my bath bombs (and my favorite lotion) from Moon’s Harvest Bath & Body.

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