Besame Lipstick Review: Champagne and Coral

I recently received these two new Besame Classic Lipstick colors, and am really pleased.

Champagne and Coral:

besame lipstick review

Besame Champagne and Coral Lipstick Review

besame classic lipstick review
Besame Champagne and Coral Lipstick Swatches

Although I am always excited about getting any new lipstick, I am generally more excited about colors such as red, rose, purple, fuchsia, or magenta. Colors with names like “Coral” or “Champagne,” usually don’t do it for me; I want bright and exciting and, well… colorful.

Idk, maybe it is just that Besame rocks every color so hard. But as soon as I opened my Besame Coral lipstick, I was wowed. I mean, I was in my car, by myself, straight out of the post office. I opened the package and the tube of lipstick, and I think I literally said “wow” out loud, with wide eyes and everything. This coral is gorgeous.

I lifted the tube to my nose and inhaled, and seriously wondered if Besame recently made some kind of enhancement to their formula so that the fragrance is even more intoxicating. Then, I glided the lipstick on, and as usual, the sensation was one of perfectly creamy smoothness. Not too liquid-y or too dry… just perfect.

And I was shockingly pleased with how this color looks on my mouth. It goes with my complexion, and I imagine it would look good on just about any other complexion. It’s a warm, somewhat deep, shiny orange with teeny-tiny specks of gold. The specks of gold give it a kind of holiday shimmer. And just when I thought nothing “orange” would ever really look good on me. But this is beyond anything typically orange. It is Of Another World.

Onto the Champagne color: these days I generally prefer a shade that darkens my lips from my skin tone, rather than lightens them. I went through a phase during my early teens when this lipstick color would have been the Holy Grail of all lipsticks. I think because I was obsessed with being tan, and lighter lips tend to make skin look darker.

But even with my current preference for deeper shades, I really like Champagne. It is a very shiny nude/beige color. It is similar to Debutante Pink, which I included in my other most recent Besame lipstick review, in that it is a light color that is very shiny and pretty. Champagne is just a light beige whereas Debutante Pink is a light pink.

I am super glad I went beyond my addiction to red Besame lipsticks into their other color options. There’s no argument: all of their hues are gorgeous. And I am fiending to try their latest addition, American Beauty. Go here and scroll over the swatch boxes to check it out.

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Besame Lipstick Review: Pinks

Just got three more Besame lipstick colors, and these are of the pink variety. Don’t get me wrong- -I absolutely adore my Besame reds- -but it’s high time I gave some of their other hues a shot. And I am really glad I did!

In the photos below, you will see lipstick tubes, lipstick swatches, and a new thing I am going to see if I can stick to: lipstick kiss prints! The Besame colors featured in this review are Portrait Pink, Debutante Pink, and Dusty Rose.

besame lipstick review

Besame lipstick swatches

besame lipstick review

Besame lipstick tubes and prints

besame lipstick review

Besame lipstick prints

While I do my best to capture the lipstick colors as accurately as possible, it’s kind of hard to do. Every lipstick hue seems to alter appearance considering the time of day, the setting, and the type of lighting, among other factors. My favorite of the three Besame lipstick colors pictured above is Dusty Rose, and yet the photos don’t seem to do it justice. I described it to a friend as “…mauve-esque. Kind of an antique-looking, shabby chic shade of pinkish-brown.” Debutante Pink is also a uniquely gorgeous color; I’d describe it as a pinkish-lavender with a gentle, frosty shimmer. Maybe because a different formula is needed to create the frosty shimmer, Debutante Pink seems more creamy and moist than the other Besame lipsticks I’ve tried. It really is a beautiful lipstick, although I think Dusty Rose looks better on my complexion. Portrait Pink is a more natural hue for my complexion; a soft, pretty pink that doesn’t draw too much attention.

I must have said it before, and I am sure it shows in the amount of reviews I make about the brand, but Besame is definitely one of my top favorite lipstick brands. As far as packaging, cases, color, texture, and fragrance goes, it is just such high quality. Add that to the vintage vibe and uniqueness of the whole Besame cosmetics line, and we have something really special to enhance our beauty and lives with.

Stay tuned for more lipstick reviews and beauty product recommendations coming up soon!

The Lipstick Lady

Besame: 1920s Deco Collection

I adore Besame lipstick, as you can see from my previous Besame lipstick review. I hope to write many more reviews in the future, because that would mean that I somehow got my makeup-greedy little hands on more of their products. On the official Besame website, there are currently two special “sets” for sale. One is theĀ 1920s Deco Collection, which this entry will be a review of, and the other is the Kenley Collins Scarf and Lipstick Set, which I plan to review in the near future.

Below is the little advertisement flier for the 1920s Deco set. Their marketing is just brilliant. How could this not appeal to every woman in the world interested in vintage and retro glamor?

1920s Deco Collection
The 1920s Deco Collection includes the Besame “Noir Red Lipstick” and the Besame “Black Liquorice Lip Glaze.” The packaging is gorgeous, as you can see in the photos below.

click images to view larger

The boxes that the lipstick and lip gloss came in:
deco set besame

The red velvet lipstick pouch that all my Besame lipsticks so far have been packaged in:

Decorative tubes:

lipstick review

The lipstick color seems fairly darker on my lips than it looks in the Besame flier I posted above. It still looks good, in my opinion, but I’d wear it only on those days I feel I want to look kind of dramatic in a moody sort of way. I am now in my 30s, and I can imagine flipping head over heels for this lipstick set when I was a goth girl in my late teens and early twenties. Still, I find the color wearable, and even quite attractive, for certain days and events.

I really like the liquorice fragrance of the gloss. If you like black liquorice, you might love the way this gloss smells, and how it tastes on your lips. I think it looks good on top of the lipstick it comes with, but also can stand by itself on an otherwise naked mouth.

Besame lipstick and gloss are always good quality, and I would recommend this set to anyone who likes really dark red lipstick and a vintage vibe.

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