Besame Lipstick Review: Reds

I *love* Besame lipstick! It’s this totally adorable vintage-inspired lipstick, in really romantic little tubes. It’s smaller than your typical lipstick by a bit, which makes it seem even more special and cute. The woman who founded Besame, Gabriela Hernandez, was educated in the fine arts, and she has definitely brought a uniquely creative addition to the word of cosmetics.

Aside from adoring the cases and packaging, I also like lipstick tips, which angle from two sides towards a point up top. I think that the tip-shape is part of what is vintage-inspired. The texture of the lipstick is really nice; it is not creamy, but not overly dry, and it stays nicely on the lips for a long time.

From left to right: Merlot, Cherry Red, Besame Red, and Red Hot Red:

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The latter two colors are very similar, which is a bit annoying to me. I mean, why make two colors that are just a teensy pinch different from one another? I get most of my lipsticks online, and I just kind of expect each color to be more different from the next, within a given brand. But I guess there are some people who are like, “Oh this is almost the perfect color; if only it was a pinch warmer.” So, whatev.

This is a little chart that I have received with my Besame lipsticks:

And also, I used the Besame Red lipstick to write the URL for my Pinterest boards on this piece of paper:

Overall, I super-dooper love this brand, and I hope that they come out with many more lipstick colors and products in general. It is quality lipstick, and it is just so freaking unique and cute.

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