I love lipstick books

Here’s my second lipstick book, all the way from Australia: “Pout Perfect: The Complete Guide to Building Your Lipstick Wardrobe,” by Yishan Chan, aka @BeautySwatch:

lipstick book

Pout Perfect book

It is so glossy and colorful… I cannot wait to really give it a good look through!

The other lipstick book I have is “Lips of Luxury,” by Jean-Marie Martin-Hattenberg, which I definitely recommend.

And I have “Lipstick: A Celebration of the World’s Favorite Cosmetic,” by Jessica Pallingston, on its way to me. It has lots of good reviews on Amazon, and I am totally looking forward.

I am going to need a whole bookshelf for all the lipstick books I want to collect (each one ever made).

More later; I have some drooling over glossy pages to do.

The Lipstick Lady

Lipstick Links!

lipstick linksHere’s a list of some lipstick-topical links I’ve collected recently. They’ve been piling up in my “Bookmarks,” and I figure I might as well share!

“Editorial: The Lipstick Reviews” at Beautylish

Lip product reviews at MakeupTalk

Lipstick Queen

“I always loved lipstick,” by Mamie Van Doren

“Pout Perfect” book, by Yishan Chan

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NEW Lime Crime Carousel Lip Gloss

Lime Crime has come out with a new Carousel lip gloss, which will be available on December 1st. I am so excited. If you haven’t seen my review of Lime Crime lipstick and their Carousel lip glosses as of yet, go here to check it out. This gloss is some of the most fantastic stuff in the world, and this new color looks to die for!

The Lipstick Lady