Shellac Supplies

Just got all the stuff I need to do my own shellac manicures at home.

Thanks to lanaindiana for the advice! See her video on at home shellac here.

I might make more posts about at home shellac in the future. For now, I am hoping I can get my nails anywhere even remotely close to as good as my nail tech does them. *scared*

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The Lipstick Lady

Edit to add: Just finished, and I didn’t do *too* bad for my first time. I got the UV lamp that fits two hands at a time, and one of my thumb nails apparently wasn’t getting enough of the light and didn’t cure like the rest of them. So I think I will either do one hand at a time from now on, or do the thumbs separate from the rest of the fingers.

Edit again to add: If you get a UV light for at-home shellac, get the one that is for an individual hand or foot at a time. The one that fits two hands or two feet at a time doesn’t cure all the nails well enough.