Napoleon Perdis DeVine Goddess Lipstick Review

Let me just say: O. M. G. DECADENCE.

Napoleon Perdis DeVine Goddess Lipstick is highly pigmented, luxury lipstick with a super smooth texture and intoxicating fragrance. I cannot get enough, and luckily there is a unique range of hues that I will be sure to get more of. Also, similar to Smashbox lipstick, the colors mix well with one another, allowing the beauty connoisseur to create exciting new hues all her own.

Not only is the lipstick super high quality, but the collection is all about Goddesses, which I am all about. The boxes that the lipstick comes in say, “Born to Be Worshipped” on the back, can you believe it? And each DeVine Goddess Lipstick is named after a different mythological Goddess.The theme has me, just as much as the actual lipstick does.

The tubes that the colors come in are definitely unique; they kind of have a glassy, art deco feel. They don’t fit in my lipstick organizer, which I always find a bit upsetting. But these lipsticks are so delectable that I suppose they deserve places all their own on my boudoir table. Because the cases are unconventional, I suggest being extra careful when twisting the lipstick up and applying. I broke my Calypso almost immediately, by twisting it too far up and pressing too hard on my lips. Guess I was excited. I also recommend blotting once or twice, after application, in order to avoid getting lipstick prints all over everything. Unless you are into that sort of thing.

Pictured below from left to right, we have Aphrodite, Xenia, and Calypso.

napoleon perdis lipstick review

napoleon perdis devine goddess lipstick

I love each of these colors, both in and of themselves, as well as with my complexion. I have had Aphrodite the longest, and it is definitely one of my all-time favorite reds. I would call it a deep, true red. Really rich pigment, and a kind of femme fatale vibe. I just recently received Xenia, which I foresee quickly becoming one of my most-worn colors. It is what I’d call a berry red; red with just a hint of magenta. It would look good on anyone who looks good with berry-colored lips; really pretty, flirty, and sexy. At first glance, it appeared to be too similar to Aphrodite, but the hues are actually quite different. Calypso is a deep pink, with a definite hint of magenta. If it were any lighter, it might not look good on me, but the hue is deep enough that it works really well.

Here are some more photos, including swatches. As always, click to view larger:

napoleon perdis lipstick review

napoleon perdis lipstick prints

lipstick blog

napoleon perdis lipstick review

napoleon perdis devine goddess lipstick swatches

napoleon perdis lipstick swatches

Overall, I would highly recommend Napoleon Perdis DeVine Goddess Lipstick. If you are a makeup lover, I’d dare to suggest your collection is incomplete without at least one tube of this stuff. Napoleon Perdis also makes some of my absolute favorite lip glosses, which I hope to do a separate review of, at some point. Finally, I recommend following The Man, Himself on Twitter; he tweets some really great quotes and is a worthy follow for beauty addicts and philosophers, alike.

Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing in my passion.

The Lipstick Lady

OCC Lip Tar Review

First I’d like to say that I *am* a fan of Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar. But in order to like this stuff, you have to be the type of make-up person who likes to play. It isn’t the most practical lip color choice, because you have to have some kind of application set-up or plan.

The tubes I have do not come with an attached applicator, so I end up squeezing a bit of the liquid formula onto a piece of plastic or a piece of paper, and then I dip a lipstick brush into the formula in order to apply. The formula is not thick or super watery, but somewhere in between, and it gradually dries on the lips.

From left to right: Feather, NSFW, Rx, Belladonna, Hoochie, Strumpet, Demure, and Pretty Boy.

Click on images to view larger

My personal favorite is Strumpet; it’s a really pretty magenta color.

Some of the best things about OCC Lip Tar:

1. How well it stays on once it dries. It’s not going to rub off on things (coffee cup, cigarette, boyfriend) like some other lip colors would.

2. It looks great with some gloss.

3. There is a super wide variety of fun and funky colors to choose from.

4. All OCC products are completely vegan.

5. It’s great fun to mix and blend.

Thanks for stopping by, and happy lip-painting!

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MAC Lipstick Review

I have more MAC lipsticks than I do of any other brand. This is mostly because they have such a wide array of colors, they are fairly inexpensive, and because they come out with really fun limited edition sets (the Wonder Woman Collection, the Venomous Villains Collection, and the Marilyn Monroe Collection, to name a few). It will take me a while to photograph and write about all my MACs, so I will do it in chunks, in between reviewing other brands.

Some of the MAC lipsticks I review have been discontinued, but a lot of the time you can still find them at Amazon, where resellers still have extra stock.

I’ll start with some of my more earth-toned colors.

From left to right: Velvet Teddy, Viva Glam I, Charred Red, and The Prowl.

Click images to view full size
mac lipstick earth tonesmac lipstick earth tones swatches

Out of the above, Viva Glam I is definitely my favorite. It is a nice, somewhat neutral matte red, and it goes with pretty much any outfit. Velvet Teddy is a tad light for my taste, but I can imagine it being very flattering on someone else, with a bit of liner in maybe a shade darker. Charred Red is good for goth days. And although I like the name, I am definitely not a fan of The Prowl. Really odd consistency, and the color just isn’t flattering on me.

And now, to contrast all of that earthliness, here are some pinks and purples!

From left to right: Violetta, Satin Spitfire, Show Orchid, and Viva Glam Gaga.

Click images to view full size
mac lipstick pinks and purplesmack lipstick pinks and purples swatches

I absolutely *adore* Violetta. Pictured above is my second tube, being that I used my first one down to a sliver. It is the prettiest violet shade I’ve ever worn, and goes on so smoothly. I do think that Violetta is one of the discontinued colors, which is unfortunate. Satin Spitfire is part of the limited edition Wonder Woman set, and I am also a big fan of that one, as I am of Show Orchid. Finally, Viva Glam Gaga is really pretty for a very light shade, which is why I keep it, despite its- -ahem- -condition.

What I find a bit odd about MAC lipsticks is that the texture isn’t always consistent. Some of their lipsticks feel dry whereas others feel more creamy. It could be that some of the lipsticks I get are simply newer than others, which would explain the issue.

You can probably gather that I am more of a fan of the bright colors than the brownish ones, so my opinion is probably a bit biased in that way. I do love reds, though, and my really red MAC lipsticks are reserved for a future blog entry.

More soon; thanks for stopping by!

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