Too Faced “Lip of Luxury” Lipstick

Okay, seriously; in one word, I’d have to say NO. Sorry, not sorry.

I thought I’d give Too Faced “Lip of Luxury” lipstick a go, because I like the packaging, which contains lots of pink and a retro feel. Also, I love the jeweled lid on the “Lip of Luxury” lipstick cases; a really cute detail. These lipsticks have innovative names, like Marcia, Marcia, Marcia, Living in Sin, and Centerfold, names which almost seem to have an alternative culture/underground vibe. I like the creativity there, too. This lipstick line has a range of unique colors, some of which I have never seen anywhere. And finally, Too Faced boasts being “cruelty free,” which is always a plus.

So that’s the nice part.

OMG the smell. This lipstick formula smells like some horrible chemical. It’s the first thing I noticed when initially trying it on. I felt like I was doing something dangerous, and that I might be poisoning myself in applying it. Who wants to rub something that smells like a nasty chemical all over their mouth? Not me.

I looked online for other reviews, to see if it was just me who felt this way about the smell of this lipstick, and discovered I am not alone. Some comments by others on the smell include:

“i really cannot stand the smell and taste of this lipstick! it almost makes me gag and i guess it comes from them infusing it with real champagne.” – staceyyy on Sephora Reviews


“I tried a sample which I had received from either Sephora or ULTA. The color is nice, I like it, but I can’t get past the smell/taste of this lipstick. It has almost a chemical scent to it, and a nasty taste if you are unfortunate enough to lick your lips while speaking to someone with this on. Ick. No thanks. Would never buy the full-sized product.” – GoldieHawk on Makeup Alley

I have also seen the smell compared to the smell of paint.

As far as the texture of this lipstick goes, it is on the dry side, and I have to apply a whole lot before I feel like enough pigment shows. Once the pigment does show, I kind of wish I was a zombie-obsessed thirteen-year-old dressing up for a Halloween party. I find Living in Sin and Centerfold to be particularly unflattering colors. Marcia, Marcia, Marcia does have a metallic tinge to it that I find pleasing, and if I were to ever wear Too Faced “Lip of Luxury” lipstick again, it would be that one. But I probably won’t.

Pictured below, from left to right is Marcia, Marcia, Marcia, Living in Sin, and Centerfold.

Too Faced Lip of Luxury

Too Faced Lipstick

Too Faced Lipstick Review

Too Faced Lipstick Prints

Too Faced Lip of Luxury review

Too Faced Lipstick Swatches

I haven’t yet tried any other Too Faced cosmetics products, and am really hesitant to do so. There are mixed reviews online, so you might check those out. Maybe there is a special reason for their lipstick to be infused with champagne, and some people claim to like the awful smell. Maybe their other lipstick lines (such as their “La Creme” lipstick), or their glosses, or their liners, are the cat’s pajamas. But with the cosmetics market already being so filled with established brands and other new brands to try, I think I will pass on further experimentation.

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Shiseido Lipstick Review

When I received my first Shiseido Perfect Rouge Lipstick– -which was the red one (RD514/Dragon)- -I flipped out about how much I loved it to the friend who recommended it to me. I was like, “OMG, this red. It’s so perfect.” Then, I ended up neglecting it for months, in favor of experimenting with other lipstick brands and colors. Well, I recently started wearing it again, and I really do love it.

Dragon is definitely my favorite out of the three Shiseido colors I have. And I think it is a really perfect color for October through February, as it seems to have a winter vibe to it, as if it has been seasoned with nutmeg and cinnamon and clove. I think it’s the ever-so-slight brownish-orange tint. I mean it is definitely red, but it is a cozy, wintery red. I think it would go well on many types of complexions, too. I was out the other day shopping downtown at an independent retail store, and the woman who was working was in love with the color. She asked me what it’s called and where I got it. It made me feel like I should get “Lipstick Lady” business cards, since I am basically a walking advertisement for this site.

The pinkish color is Fuchsia/RS320. I wasn’t even exactly sure what color “fuchsia” is, until I got this lipstick, and I guess it pretty much defines the color. It is really pretty, fairly bright, and I definitely plan to wear it sometimes. I would have to be in the right kind of brightish-pinkish mood, with the right playful kind of outfit on the right sort of fun and spontaneous day.

The consistency of Day Lily/OR418 is more liquid-y than the other two colors, for whatever reason. The color doesn’t go on evenly or stick to the lips well, and after I blot with a tissue, the color becomes really faded. Day Lily was recommended in an “InStyle” magazine as one in a short list of oranges that aren’t completely orange, and therefore possibly more wearable for the hesitant orange lipstick-wearer. But I wouldn’t recommend it, because of the odd texture.

The texture of Dragon and Fuchsia is nice, and somehow different than any other lipstick brands I’ve tried. This might be because Shiseido lipstick was initially invented and created in Japan, and most of the other lipstick brands I’ve tried I *think* were initially created in Europe and the United States. So the formula has a unique, luxurious creaminess to it, with the exception of Day Lily. As far as fragrance goes, it seems there is a slight, pleasant aroma. Barely noticeable, but faintly there.

From left to right, pictured below: Fuchsia, Day Lily, and Dragon.

shideido perfect rouge lipstick review

shiseido lipstick review

shiseido perfect rouge lipstick

shiseido lipstick prints

shiseido lipstick review

shiseido lipstick swatches

I would recommend giving Shiseido lipsticks a shot. Especially if you are a red lipstick-lover, try Dragon. I will likely by more from this brand in the future.

I’ll leave you with an amusing Shiseido lipstick commercial:

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Napoleon Perdis DeVine Goddess Lipstick Review

Let me just say: O. M. G. DECADENCE.

Napoleon Perdis DeVine Goddess Lipstick is highly pigmented, luxury lipstick with a super smooth texture and intoxicating fragrance. I cannot get enough, and luckily there is a unique range of hues that I will be sure to get more of. Also, similar to Smashbox lipstick, the colors mix well with one another, allowing the beauty connoisseur to create exciting new hues all her own.

Not only is the lipstick super high quality, but the collection is all about Goddesses, which I am all about. The boxes that the lipstick comes in say, “Born to Be Worshipped” on the back, can you believe it? And each DeVine Goddess Lipstick is named after a different mythological Goddess.The theme has me, just as much as the actual lipstick does.

The tubes that the colors come in are definitely unique; they kind of have a glassy, art deco feel. They don’t fit in my lipstick organizer, which I always find a bit upsetting. But these lipsticks are so delectable that I suppose they deserve places all their own on my boudoir table. Because the cases are unconventional, I suggest being extra careful when twisting the lipstick up and applying. I broke my Calypso almost immediately, by twisting it too far up and pressing too hard on my lips. Guess I was excited. I also recommend blotting once or twice, after application, in order to avoid getting lipstick prints all over everything. Unless you are into that sort of thing.

Pictured below from left to right, we have Aphrodite, Xenia, and Calypso.

napoleon perdis lipstick review

napoleon perdis devine goddess lipstick

I love each of these colors, both in and of themselves, as well as with my complexion. I have had Aphrodite the longest, and it is definitely one of my all-time favorite reds. I would call it a deep, true red. Really rich pigment, and a kind of femme fatale vibe. I just recently received Xenia, which I foresee quickly becoming one of my most-worn colors. It is what I’d call a berry red; red with just a hint of magenta. It would look good on anyone who looks good with berry-colored lips; really pretty, flirty, and sexy. At first glance, it appeared to be too similar to Aphrodite, but the hues are actually quite different. Calypso is a deep pink, with a definite hint of magenta. If it were any lighter, it might not look good on me, but the hue is deep enough that it works really well.

Here are some more photos, including swatches. As always, click to view larger:

napoleon perdis lipstick review

napoleon perdis lipstick prints

lipstick blog

napoleon perdis lipstick review

napoleon perdis devine goddess lipstick swatches

napoleon perdis lipstick swatches

Overall, I would highly recommend Napoleon Perdis DeVine Goddess Lipstick. If you are a makeup lover, I’d dare to suggest your collection is incomplete without at least one tube of this stuff. Napoleon Perdis also makes some of my absolute favorite lip glosses, which I hope to do a separate review of, at some point. Finally, I recommend following The Man, Himself on Twitter; he tweets some really great quotes and is a worthy follow for beauty addicts and philosophers, alike.

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