Shiseido Lipstick Review

When I received my first Shiseido Perfect Rouge Lipstick– -which was the red one (RD514/Dragon)- -I flipped out about how much I loved it to the friend who recommended it to me. I was like, “OMG, this red. It’s so perfect.” Then, I ended up neglecting it for months, in favor of experimenting with other lipstick brands and colors. Well, I recently started wearing it again, and I really do love it.

Dragon is definitely my favorite out of the three Shiseido colors I have. And I think it is a really perfect color for October through February, as it seems to have a winter vibe to it, as if it has been seasoned with nutmeg and cinnamon and clove. I think it’s the ever-so-slight brownish-orange tint. I mean it is definitely red, but it is a cozy, wintery red. I think it would go well on many types of complexions, too. I was out the other day shopping downtown at an independent retail store, and the woman who was working was in love with the color. She asked me what it’s called and where I got it. It made me feel like I should get “Lipstick Lady” business cards, since I am basically a walking advertisement for this site.

The pinkish color is Fuchsia/RS320. I wasn’t even exactly sure what color “fuchsia” is, until I got this lipstick, and I guess it pretty much defines the color. It is really pretty, fairly bright, and I definitely plan to wear it sometimes. I would have to be in the right kind of brightish-pinkish mood, with the right playful kind of outfit on the right sort of fun and spontaneous day.

The consistency of Day Lily/OR418 is more liquid-y than the other two colors, for whatever reason. The color doesn’t go on evenly or stick to the lips well, and after I blot with a tissue, the color becomes really faded. Day Lily was recommended in an “InStyle” magazine as one in a short list of oranges that aren’t completely orange, and therefore possibly more wearable for the hesitant orange lipstick-wearer. But I wouldn’t recommend it, because of the odd texture.

The texture of Dragon and Fuchsia is nice, and somehow different than any other lipstick brands I’ve tried. This might be because Shiseido lipstick was initially invented and created in Japan, and most of the other lipstick brands I’ve tried I *think* were initially created in Europe and the United States. So the formula has a unique, luxurious creaminess to it, with the exception of Day Lily. As far as fragrance goes, it seems there is a slight, pleasant aroma. Barely noticeable, but faintly there.

From left to right, pictured below: Fuchsia, Day Lily, and Dragon.

shideido perfect rouge lipstick review

shiseido lipstick review

shiseido perfect rouge lipstick

shiseido lipstick prints

shiseido lipstick review

shiseido lipstick swatches

I would recommend giving Shiseido lipsticks a shot. Especially if you are a red lipstick-lover, try Dragon. I will likely by more from this brand in the future.

I’ll leave you with an amusing Shiseido lipstick commercial:

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Besame Lipstick Review: Reds

I *love* Besame lipstick! It’s this totally adorable vintage-inspired lipstick, in really romantic little tubes. It’s smaller than your typical lipstick by a bit, which makes it seem even more special and cute. The woman who founded Besame, Gabriela Hernandez, was educated in the fine arts, and she has definitely brought a uniquely creative addition to the word of cosmetics.

Aside from adoring the cases and packaging, I also like lipstick tips, which angle from two sides towards a point up top. I think that the tip-shape is part of what is vintage-inspired. The texture of the lipstick is really nice; it is not creamy, but not overly dry, and it stays nicely on the lips for a long time.

From left to right: Merlot, Cherry Red, Besame Red, and Red Hot Red:

Click images for larger view

The latter two colors are very similar, which is a bit annoying to me. I mean, why make two colors that are just a teensy pinch different from one another? I get most of my lipsticks online, and I just kind of expect each color to be more different from the next, within a given brand. But I guess there are some people who are like, “Oh this is almost the perfect color; if only it was a pinch warmer.” So, whatev.

This is a little chart that I have received with my Besame lipsticks:

And also, I used the Besame Red lipstick to write the URL for my Pinterest boards on this piece of paper:

Overall, I super-dooper love this brand, and I hope that they come out with many more lipstick colors and products in general. It is quality lipstick, and it is just so freaking unique and cute.

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Dior Lipstick Review

Dior is another luxury lipstick brand of which I am quite fond. Most of my Dior lipstick experience is with the Diorific collection. While the Diorific tubes do not fit in my lipstick organizer, which is generally an important factor to me, I appreciate the aesthetic quality of these unique cases so much that it doesn’t really bother me as much as it could.

In the foreground we have Bellissima from the Dior Addict Extreme collection, and then from left to right up top we have Blackberry Flash, Roulette Red, and Rose Diabolo from the Diorific collection.

The texture of the Diorific lipsticks are not as creamy as some of the other luxury lipsticks I’ve previously written about, such as Yves St. Laurent, Guerlain, and Givenchy. I do like creamy lipsticks, mostly because they feel so decadent gliding on. The plus side of not being so creamy, however, is the fact that the entire lipstick experience isn’t as messy, and the color stays put on the lips more easily.

The Dior Addict Extreme lipstick has a very different texture than the Diorific lipsticks. It isn’t creamy, per se, but it is much more silky. It really glides on the lips like silk. The concentration of pigment doesn’t seem as intense in the DAE; it is almost somewhere between a lip gloss and a lipstick. Closer to the lipstick end of things, but still somewhat gloss-like. I would say that my preference is for the Diorific collection, from my experience so far.

Now for the colors. It seems that Dior has a really lovely, unique and fairly wide range of colors, and I definitely want more. As you can see in the swatches below, Blackberry Flash is supremely dark, and I don’t see myself wearing this shade too often. It looks almost black on the lips, which would be good for theatrical and moody nights, combined with seriously limited eye makeup.

I am a very big fan of Roulette Red. It’s a red, for sure; no doubt about that. But it isn’t as shocking or daring as some of the other reds I have experienced. There is something just a tad “played down” about it, which makes me feel like I am attracting attention without demanding it, if that makes sense. I dare say it is one of my top favorite reds out there.

And I am madly in love with Rose Diabolo. I needed a color to love that isn’t too red and isn’t too pink, isn’t too dark isn’t to light, isn’t too plain but isn’t too bright. Got it. I just recently received this color, and I just know am going to be wearing it really often. And then I will buy more. Very pretty with my skin tone.

Bellissima, from the DAE collection, is a nice color that would be safe to wear to just about any type of event, from Sunday church, if that’s your thing, to a family get-together, to a night out with the girls, to a night out on a date. As I mentioned earlier, the pigment isn’t super concentrated, so this lipstick will give you some color that isn’t too bold, while also providing moisture and softness in its silky-glossy way.

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